Steve Lecas Is A Custom Home Builder at Heart.

It could be said that Steve Lecas was born to build homes. He was born in Burbank, Illinois in 1963 to a father that was an avid construction guy. As Steve grew up, he was very involved in wrestling and golf at Carl Sandburg High School. All the while, he was building up his strength and skills to help him in what he had yet to discover was his destiny.


Upon graduating high school in 1981, Steve was still convinced that he was not going to end up following his father’s footsteps as a custom home builder, so he went to Eureka College to study business management. There, he was actively involved in the Division 3 NCAA football team as a three-year starting wide receiver. If that wasn’t enough, he was also a Division 3 NCAA golf champion his junior year. One of the most memorable experiences of his college years was when he met alumni Ronald Reagan at his graduation from Eureka College. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Business Management, making him one step closer to his unfulfilled fate as a Chicago luxury home builder.

After graduation, Steve spent a little time trying to find his way. He experimented with substitute teaching and was even a wrestling coach at his old high school. But that wasn’t enough. Steve’s father stepped in and tried to convince him to join him in the home construction business. But Steve still had other plans.


Soon after, he moved to Florida to become a police officer with the Florida Marine Patrol. He helped keep residents safe throughout the areas of Tarpon Springs, West Palm Beach, and the Florida Keys. After 12 years of accident investigations, drug interdictions, boat safety checks, and resource violations, Steve decided to join the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, where he worked for three years.

In 1992, Steve married the love of his life, Susan Lecas, in Key Largo, Florida. Shortly after their wedding, Steve and Susan purchased their first home, right before Category 5 Hurricane Andrew hit. Luckily, they purchased a well built home that faired rather well during the hurricane. This event sparked a passion in Steve to make sure that all homes are being built with high-quality materials and that no shortcuts taken. However, it would be a few more years before he did anything about it. After a couple of years enjoying each other’s company, Steve and Susan decided it was time to expand their family, and Susan gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, Jarrett, in 1994.


Finally, in 1998, Steve began to fulfill his destiny as a high-end custom home builder. He transplanted his small family back to Illinois so he could join his father in the construction business. Steve and Susan also welcomed their beautiful daughter, Summer, into the world in the fall of 1999. Their family was now complete.

After two years of invaluable hands-on experience with his father, Steve decided to put his degree in business management to use. In the year 2000, Gander Builders was born.

For Steve’s first project as a custom home builder, he built his family a gorgeous luxury home in Frankfort, where they still reside today. Steve realized that building custom homes was his destiny and he went towards it with full force. He wasted no time, and continued to build 10-12 stunning, high-end custom luxury homes each year for the first three years he was open. Because of this, Gander Builders quickly became known as one of the leading luxury home builders in the Chicago area. His custom home projects Steve was working on was near the $500,000 – 1 million dollar mark, and it was obvious he took great pride in his work.

In fact, it was so clear that Gander Builders was the best custom home builder around that Gander was awarded a 6 million dollar project in 2005. They did not take this responsibility lightly, and they proceeded to build one of the most stunning luxury homes in the Chicago area. Since Steve has always believed in not cutting corners and building every home as if his family was the one living in it, the 16,000 square foot custom home took three years to complete.


It is clear that Steve’s fortune was to build high-end custom luxury homes, and he continues to prove this every day through his work at Gander Builders. To see the stunning work Steve has completed, or to find out how Steve can help you with your home, visit the Gander Builders Facebook Page or custom home portfolio.