Awards for Frankfort

By Mayor Jim Holland

In the past year, Frankfort has been rated: “Top Ten Best Cities for Illinois Families,” “One of the Safest Cities in Illinois,” “Top Neighborhoods for 2015,” “Most Pet Friendly Chicago Suburb” and “Best Place to Live in Will County/Top 12 in Illinois.” Congratulations to all of our residents for making Frankfort such a great community in which to live.

In January of this year, Wallethub ranked Frankfort number nine out of 162 Illinois cities and villages under the category, “Best Cities for Illinois Families.” Their methodology used hundreds of statistics such as high school graduation rate, property crime rate, number of playgrounds per 100,000 gathered into 21 key indicators such as “Education, Health and Safety” and “Family Life and Fun.” Wallethub provides tools and information for consumers and small businesses to make better financial decisions. rated Frankfort “One of the Safest Cities in Illinois” in both 2015 and 2016. In addition to keeping track of crime statistics, Safewise is an independent review and comparison website dedicated to providing consumers information about home security systems. rated Frankfort one of the “Top Neighborhoods for 2015.” is the website of the National Association of Realtors and their findings about the top neighborhoods in the Chicago region were published in the Chicago Tribune.

Movoto named Frankfort one of the “Most Pet Friendly Chicago Suburbs in April of 2015. Movoto is a national organization dedicated to making real estate transactions easy for everyone.

In their March 17, 2014 edition, Chicago Magazine ranked Frankfort as the “Best Place to Live in Will County” and “In The Top 12 in Illinois.” The article mentions the stability of home prices during the housing recession, the “appealing frontier-town vibe,” the Children’s Museum and the Old Plank Road Trail.

The trustees and I thank the residents of Frankfort whose extra efforts result in our community being recognized as one of the best. We hope that you take pride in these accomplishments.